The value of art

An example of cheap but expert-level tools are those involved with minimalistic crafts. For those, the simplicity of the production process is an essential feature of the product. In this class of products, the use of advanced machines in the production process devalues the product. A product is not just the final, functional piece but also its production process and even the history of the production process. By buying a product that’s hand-made and fits in a particular culture and tradition, one acquires a piece of cultural significance. That is, we can tell stories about its origins. The more unique yet interesting its story is, the higher a luxury or non-functional object can sell:

Great art is the product of a unique and remarkable timeline, making it hard to truly duplicate. It’s relatively easy to duplicate the Mona Lisa, but the resulting copies are worthless in comparison because they don’t add much to the history of art. However, discovering a new painting by Leonardo da Vinci, even a mediocre one, would be a major event and the painting would immediately have a great value.

Martin Jambon, September 10, 2022